Modernising Your Resume to Get Noticed

Resume & Cover Letter Update (for Returning Clients Only)



Companies nowadays upgrade their in-house recruitment software once in 3 years. These programs apply algorithms and keyword formulas to quickly discard resumes that are not formatted properly or using relevant keywords. This means that even if you were the best person for the job, your resume wouldn’t even reach the Hiring Manager if not formatted properly or lacking the necessary keywords. Then again, sometimes you just need to add-on your most recent job to your current resume for cost efficiency.

In either case, our Resume Update service has you covered and will:

  • Add on 1 new position to your existing resume
  • Update your opening statement or profile targeted toward the job goals and requirements
  • Provide you with a modern format
  • The rest of the positions are copied and re-organised to the new resume format with minimal changes (e.g. we will review grammar, sentence structure, etc.)
  • Please Note: This service is only intended to provide minor revisions and is not a full resume re-write.

How We’re Qualified

  • We’re Experts. We have 10+ years of experience crafting thousands of resume.
  • Tailored Service. We have personalised experience spanning up to 50 different sectors and industries.
  • Strong track record. We sustain a 97% client satisfaction rating.

Resume & Cover Letter Update

We provide personalised consultation to update your resume that gets noticed by your prospective employers. Here’s how our service works:

  1. icon-questionnaire


    Complete our questionnaire to help us learn about your history and accomplishments. Send this to us together with your existing resume.

    Important to fill up especially if you don’t have an existing resume yet, or have additional experiences not included in your old resume. Download our client questionnaire here. Or fill out the online version here.


  2. icon-consultation


    Once we receive your files, we contact you in less than 24 hours to clarify any questions we may have.


  3. icon-draft


    Once all information is finalised, we’ll work on the first draft. You’ll receive your draft documents within the next 3 day.


  4. icon-fine-tune


    You’ll have 14 day upon receiving your first draft to request for additional amendments.


  5. icon-finalize

    Finalise + Follow-Through.

    Your final, professional resume is delivered to you. Please expect follow-up calls from us after 30 and 60 days for us to keep track of the progress of your job hunt.


Price: AU$88

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Total: AU$88