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About Rev-Up Your Resume

What does Rev-Up Your Resume do?

Rev-Up Your Resume is one of the leading professional resume writing service agencies in Australia. In over a decade, our team has reviewed thousands of resumes and helped over 7,000 professionals secure more interviews and get hired faster. We are dedicated to assisting job seekers uncover and best articulate their personal brands. We offer resume writing services to help our clients stand out in today’s highly competitive job market. In addition, we also provide LinkedIn profile optimisation, cover letter, and key selection criteria writing services.

What are your service areas?

Our customer support team is located in Miami, a suburb on the Gold Coast in Queensland. We have a team of dedicated writers located in Melbourne, Adelaide, as well as in Canberra to serve the needs of the public service workforce. Additionally, we also provide services to clients in major cities across Australia, from Perth to Sydney. Outside of Australia, we have been delivering services to clients in countries and regions like USA, UK, New Zealand, Asia, and the Middle East, particularly to those thinking of migrating to Australia.

Our clients work with us online and/or by phone at a mutually convenient time. We prefer an online service to allow our clients to work around their schedules and to keep costs down. If, when working through drafting your documents, there is something we need clarity on that would be best discussed over the phone, we would contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time to do so. 

 Do you offer services internationally?

Yes, you can avail our services from across the globe. We’re a geographically independent service provider and have a global service delivery capability. 

Being location independent is our strength. We provide resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile writing services to clients migrating to Australia from countries such as Singapore, Middle East, New Zealand, South Africa, the U.K., and the U.S. 

Currently, we provide our services in English only (Australian English to be exact), so if you wish to get your resumes written in English, we’re at your service. 

 Can you send me some samples of work that you’ve prepared for clients?

Our clients’ privacy is of the utmost importance, and as such, we’ll not share examples of our work.

However, we can share examples of our style and layout with you (uneditable, in pdf format).

But please keep in mind that the look and feel of our documents are our intellectual property and cannot be reproduced or replicated without our permission. 

We also don’t offer fancy resume designs. Our layout is proven to pass automated resume scanners (or called Applicant Tracking System or ATS) – a type of software used by companies to match keywords on your resume against the job requirements. This means we don’t use text boxes, tables and graphics.

About Our Services

What is the free resume assessment?

Rev-Up Your Resume knows what Recruiters and Hiring Managers are looking for, and how to present yourself on paper to capitalise on opportunities. At absolutely no cost, we will evaluate your resume for free to provide you with: confidential, objective, and personalised critique from trusted experts; comments on layout, language, and how well your resume conveys your key skills and expertise; and customised suggestions on ways to make your resume stronger. Send us your existing resume and you’ll receive your personalised expert review within 1-2 business days.

Does every job seeker require professional resume writing services?

No, not everyone needs professional help with their resumes. For this reason, we require our clients to send us a copy of their existing resume for us to determine if there is a need for a complete overhaul. If your resume is already in good shape, we will sure to keep you informed.

How much does a professionally-crafted resume cost?

We offer various resume writing packages, so whether you are a recent school leaver with limited work experience, or a C-level executive, we got you covered. Make sure to check our resume writing packages here.

 What’s included in the resume writing package?

All resume writing packages come with a free one-page cover letter. You have an option to choose between a targeted or speculative cover letter. Note that a standard page is approximately 500 words. Statement of claims requiring a maximum of 1,000 words (usually two pages) will incur an additional fee of $48 for every succeeding page.

What if I don’t have an existing resume for you to evaluate?

No problem! We will either talk a little longer on the phone, or we will send you a worksheet and then additional questions via email, whatever your specific situation requires.

About Our Writers

Do you have writers in my industry or sector?

We maintain a small pool of 6 writers who are all based in Australia. In terms of industries, our writers are from a wide range of sectors that include Marketing/Public Relations/Communications, Construction/Engineering, Healthcare, Finance/Accounting, and Information Technology (IT). We stick to an industry specialisation approach – which means that we allocate jobs to our writers based on their sector specialisation. For instance, all technical clients are being assigned to our team member who previously worked for a multinational tech company. This means that important keywords and sector-specific jargons, along with your skills and achievements, will stand out to Hiring Managers whilst also satisfying the electronic screening tools.

There are large resume companies out there that employ countless writers and staff members, which means more overhead, translating to higher rates to make up for this expense. We are essentially a small team that works out of four offices (as of 2020), so we don’t have significant expenses to worry about, hence we can afford to lower our rates as compared to other higher-end resume services.

Please note: these higher-end resume services usually charge $350 for a graduate resume, which is already more expensive than our senior executive cost.

About Our Process

Is my information safe?

We pledge that your information remains with only us, and is never shared with any other companies or individuals. We will never provide your confidential data to any other party. The same policy applies to your personal and billing information too. We use SSL security to guarantee safety of your transactions.

What is the expected turnaround time for a resume?

We typically prepare resumes within 3 business days. Though if you need a rush service, we charge a minimal fee ($68) to produce your documents within 24-48 hours – perfect for all the  important job application that closes tomorrow! Once you have received the initial drafts, you are required to immediately review the documents and give any feedback for editing. Once we receive your comments, the changes are then implemented within 24-48 hours and emailed back to you as  final documents.

What format will my resume be in?

We prepare resumes in Microsoft Word format, and sent as attachments to you via e-mail. This is the safest format and the most recognisable by any Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

What work is required from me?

We encourage (but don’t require) clients to complete a questionnaire (online/offline) that helps to identify and flesh out relevant skills and achievements.

While this step requires time (in between 30 and 60 minutes), the questionnaire makes things as easy as possible and is highly effective at helping you understand your unique differentiation.

After your completion of the questionnaire, we may interview you by phone to dig into details further. Beyond this, your only involvement is to provide feedback on your new resume and cover letter.

What do you need to prepare selection criteria or pitch for my application in the public sector?

We require you to send the application pack with the selection criteria to be addressed, or a link to the job ad. We also need a copy of your current resume.

However, we are not held responsible for any application closing date/s that are missed out. In as much as we offer flexibility to meet your deadlines, we are not held accountable for any missed deadlines once the final copy of the selection criteria or pitch has been sent out to you.

About Our Pricing, Payment Methods & Guarantees

Do you offer a 100% guarantee of getting a job?

While our resumes are able to increase your chances of becoming employed, we will never make a 100% guarantee. Be cautious of any resume writing company that provides you with a 100% guarantee on obtaining a job as this is just a marketing gimmick. In Rev-Up Your Resume, while we take every necessary step to create the best possible resume for you, we cannot assure the factors that we can’t control – such as when our clients apply for jobs that they are not qualified for or when they submit a job application where other more qualified applicants apply.

What are your fees based on?

Resume writing is labour intensive, taking our resume writers anywhere from 4 to 8 hours per project. This does not include the time spent on client consultation via email or phone. There is great deal of internet research and planning involved in resume development, as well as the specialised expertise that Rev-Up Your Resume has which is reflected in our prices. Also included in our price structure is the time spent by our internal quality control and proofing team to make sure that each document is free of any grammatical and/or spelling errors.

Do you offer discounts?

We understand that in today’s tough economy, not everyone can afford to hire a quality professional resume writer. That said, we encourage you to think of our services as a key investment that could possibly offer a very strong return.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer discounts on our services. If you absolutely cannot afford to hire our services, take the time to go through our self-help articles or use our free resume template. This will not be as good as what you’ll get from a professional resume writer, but it will be better than using a resume service in the lower end of the market (usually those below $99).

Do I need multiple resumes if I am applying for various types of jobs?

This depends on how different the positions of interest and job sectors are. We can certainly prepare 2-3 different resume versions (fees apply). This is often useful for professionals with diverse background in various industries. Though if you are pursuing opportunities within the same sector, then you should be able to use the same resume. We just need to adjust your cover letter for each application according to the position requirements. Click here if you need a second cover letter version.

 What if I need to include additional details or change the scope of work once work has commenced?

Your document will be created based on the information provided at the time of initial consultation as well as the content of your resume questionnaire and other submitted documents. If you submit large volumes of additional info or supplemental documents for us to review once work has already started, additional fees, as assessed, will apply. If a client also fails to submit the correct information or omits information needed to create the ordered document(s) accurately, we’re not obligated to include this information after the documents have already been started. Our writers immediately commence a new client job so we encourage you to submit all information within 1-2 hours of your payment.

What if I need edits or changes to my new documents?

Revision is a key component of the resume preparation process. Clients oftentimes remember additional info after the first draft has been completed, or they have other amendments they wish to make. That is why we give you up to 14 days to look at your new resume and decide if there is anything else you want to add or change. After 14 days, there is a small fee for editing or updating the documents. There is also a minimal charge if you want us to develop another set of resume and cover letter tailored towards a new position you wish to apply for.

How many rounds of revisions can I make within the 14-day revision period?

We do not have a set limit to the number of revisions you can make to your resume once you receive the first draft (for as long as revisions are in line with the agreed target role/s). Typically, our clients only need 2-3 rounds to finalise everything.

For selection criteria, we only offer revisions to the responses we have prepared to address the specific criteria that we used as our basis for our quotation. Revision requests that are likely for another set of selection criteria (or requests to adapt the initial responses for a new role) shall be charged separately.

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final. We do not accommodate trial or grace period after purchasing the resume service, but we entertain multiple revisions within 14 days of your receipt of the initial drafts. We will work with you throughout this revision period until you are fully satisfied and confident with your new resume. Not included in the revision are the requests for a new set of resume and cover letter targeted towards completely different roles as what has been previously agreed upon.

What is your cancellation policy?

When your resume info is sent to our resume writers, they typically review these within the same day and are likely to start preparations right away. In the event that you wish to cancel a resume writing service, you need to do so within one hour of sending through your info or purchase of our services via our website to receive a full refund. However, if you cancel after this time, and work has already commenced, you will be charged the minimum payment (cancellation fee) of $88 or 80% of the total bill, whichever is higher. We’ll then refund the difference.

What are the available methods of payment?

Once you have chosen your package, you can proceed to checkout and make a secure payment through PayPal by using Visa or MasterCard. Upon receipt, we will send you an invoice for your record. Alternatively, we can also send you an electronic invoice via PayPal. You don’t have to create a PayPal account to send a payment using your credit card. You can pay the invoice by clicking ‘Pay Now’ in the email we will send you.

 When is my payment due?

Because of the significant time investment on our end, we require upfront payment in full prior to the commencement of any work. In our humble opinion, we take more of a risk than the client if there is no upfront payment required for resume writing services.

Further Help & Support

How do I get started?

Simple! Either you fill out our online form or send your resume for a free analysis and guaranteed price quote. Or you can begin right away by ordering one of our resume packages. Whichever you choose, someone from our team will contact you within 1-2 hours (during regular business hours only Weekdays, 8 am – 10 pm, and Weekends 8 am – 7 pm, AEST) to begin the next steps in the process.

Still need help? Reach out.