Why It’s Worth Investing in a Professional Resume Writer


If you’re actively looking for a new job and some time has passed with no results, it may be a factor of how you’re presenting yourself on your resume.

Through the help of a professional resume writer, you can transform your resume and make it stand out in a sea of other job applications.

Your investment in resume writing will turn out to be rewarding once you start receiving job interviews on the basis of it.

Below are some reasons why it’s worth investing in a professional Australian resume writer to rev up your resume now.


Your situation is unique 


Perhaps you’re interested in changing careers and quite unsure how to highlight your transferrable skills for a new job sector. Or maybe you were laid-off and are not sure how to tackle your employment gaps on your resume.

While you can’t change the past, a professional resume writer can help straighten out a bumpy career history by minimising the attention paid to a hiatus in your employment.

A professional resume writer can promote your strengths and skills, accentuate the positive aspects on your resume, and eliminate any negativity that might pull the impression down.


You don’t know what to include (and what to exclude)


Crafting a professional resume can be a daunting process. How far should your employment history go? Should you include information about courses you’ve completed or volunteer works you’ve done? Is there a need to include your interests, hobbies, age, marital status and so on? And the checklist goes on.

If you don’t know where to begin, consider getting some help from a pro. Resume writers know what hiring managers and recruiters look for and how to best showcase this information.


You have an outdated resume.


If it’s been more than five years since you seriously conducted a job search, you may be in for a few surprises when you decide to hunt for a new job.

As technology and recruiting practices continue to evolve, so have the rules when it comes to resume writing. From formatting and layout to keywords, there are many aspects you have to take into consideration when updating your resume.

The majority of recruiters and employers now conduct applicant screening online. So if you developed your existing resume before the keyword trends, chances are it won’t have the necessary keywords that will help you pass through the automated Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). This tool scans hundreds and thousands of resume daily then sorts them before sending to the hiring managers. A professional resume writer can help you pass ATS by including relevant, industry-focused keywords on your resume.

A poorly formatted resume would also limit your chances of moving forward in the recruitment and hiring process.

For example, ATS cannot scan and decipher the information found inside tables, text boxes and columns, so it’s best to avoid using these formatting styles. Trained resume writers know how to balance aesthetics, readability and scannability of resumes by the ATS.


You don’t know how to sell yourself on paper.


In resume writing, you’re essentially promoting yourself to the hiring managers or recruiters.

If you haven’t mastered humble bragging, a professional resume writer can help you through the writing process when you’re having difficulties talking about yourself.

Backed by years of experience, resume writers know how to showcase your most worthy accomplishments on a piece of paper. This is because they’re looking at your achievements with unbiased eyes.

A professional resume writer will also work with you to extract your hidden talents and competencies, which you might not even be aware of sometimes.


You’re not expressive in writing.


Not everyone has a knack for writing.

So if you find it hard to express your work experiences and accomplishments, resume writers can step in to help. They can discern what to prioritise, highlight and exclude on your resume and express them all professionally.

Quality writing also stands on its own and oftentimes reflect the quality of one’s work. A single grammatical error might be understood by hiring managers as a lack of attention to details or unmatched words might come across as unprofessional in some settings. All jobs required clear and effective writing skills no matter from which department or which specialisation you’re in.


You don’t have time to write your own resume.


Developing an effective resume can consume a great deal of time especially when you’re not skilled enough.

This is why some job seekers hire a professional resume writer because they lack the time and the skills to craft a truly effective resume.

Rather than spending their weekends trying to perfect their resume, job seekers should better utilise their precious time in preparing for job interviews or researching potential job opportunities.


You want to reap a steady financial gain.


If you’ve never used a professional resume writing service in the past, consider your new resume as key investment in your future.

Think about it this way. If you’re working a 38-hour week and your new resume assists you in landing a role that pays $1 more per hour compared to what you’re getting now, over the course of 12 months, this equates to an increase of $1976 gross.

What if your salary increased even more? That’s quite a strong return on your investment.


In the end…


NEVER assume your resume is good enough. Send your resume today for a free and confidential resume critique to treble your chances of landing your dream job now.


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*This post was originally published on 25 May 2018.