A Great Résumé is the Best Christmas Gift This Year


Christmas is just around the corner. While you consider gifts for your loved ones, keep yourself in mind too.

So what’s something that you need that will truly benefit you and your future rather than simply keep you entertained for a short while?

The best Christmas gift for yourself pays off long after the cookies have been eaten. What’s it? A resume.


Why is a resume the best Christmas gift for yourself?


A well-written resume may help you secure your dream job, boost your confidence and set you up for long-term success.

For example, if you’ve been job searching but not getting interviews, a new and improved resume might help you retool how you’re presenting yourself to Hiring Managers or recruiters. Especially if you’ve been laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a new resume can help you get past this obstacle and get hired.

Confidence is everything in your career or job search. This is the element you need to ask for an internal promotion or go after a higher-level role.

A gift of a better resume for yourself this Christmas is perhaps one of the smartest decisions that you’ll ever make. Going for a professional Australian resume writer to prepare your resume promises more results than you could have ever managed on your own.

At Rev-Up Your Resume, we can transform your outdated and subpar resume into a rare jewel. We’ll take your experiences and accomplishments and organise them in a way that will immediately catch the attention of Hiring Managers or recruiters.


Who needs a better resume?


  • Your upcoming Uni graduate or school leaver
  • Your unemployed or underemployed partner
  • Your friends who have been laid off recently due to the pandemic
  • YOU!


A new resume is the ultimate in thoughtful and practical gift-giving. A better resume could translate into thousands of dollars in additional income – either because you got a new job faster or because you got a better job than you would have without it.

If you realise how much you deserve the gift of a better resume this Christmas, then it’s time to take action. We can assure you that your funds will be well spent as an investment in a brighter future.


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